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boku no imouto osaka okan episode 9 pic 6

I am all out of writing ideas right now! Change of plans:

You may have noticed that I have been inconsistent in general about posting. Basically, I am not having very much fun keeping up with episodic posts. I have decided to quit trying to review shows episodically. There is something really grueling and pointless about trying to find things to say about one show, week after week. I have run out of things to say about Chihayafuru, for instance! I’m done with trying to do that.

I am also going to take a break for another week or two from posting, until I get my inspiration for writing about anime back. I just have not been very enthusiastic as I used to be and I need some time to regroup so that when I return I am able to write something I like, and you will have a chance of liking it more if I am not burned out.

vividred op ep 7 pic 1

I will continue to do an episode ratings post once a week, (I’ll get episode 7 ratings up before my break) since that isn’t very much trouble and allows me to say something about everything I am watching. Other than that, when I do write a post it will be because I have something I want to say in that moment.  I certainly won’t be trying to keep up a schedule I can’t manage anymore. I want to write for the love of it. If I want to write about something that happens in an episode, I will, but I don’t want to be restricted from writing about a different anime if I choose, or obligated to keep on blogging a show I’ve run out ideas for.

The gist of this post is:

1. I need a break

2. No more episodic reviews, yay!

3. Chihayafuru, I will only write about you when I feel like it.

4. I am off finding writing motivation, I’m totally not too busy reading Hyperion or anything.  

boku no imouto osaka okan episode 9 pic 7


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