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Episode 7 Ratings

shinsekai yori episode 19 pic 45

I don’t have much to say as a preamble beyond that I am dropping Oreshura because I do not care for the two new characters, among other issues the show has, and I am dropping Little Busters again since it is still going nowhere.  I am proud to say that Shinsekai Yori has finally gotten first place, thanks to a fiend, and I am sad to say that Magi can’t seem to break into the top five yet. Sasami-san has gotten a little bit more watchable, and although it is far from great there were hints of brightness. After a pretty funny episode last week, Vividred Operation went back to being just ok again, while Hagani got back into my top ten by making shopping for birthday presents amusing.

Most appropriate episode title ever.

Most appropriate episode title ever.

+1. Shinsekai Yori episode 19

2. Psycho Pass episode 17

+3. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure episode 19

4. Space Brothers episode 44

5. Chihayafuru 2, episode 7

+6. Magi episode 18

7. Zetsuen no Tempest episode 19

8. Akb0048 Next Stage episode 7

+9. Haganai Next episode 7

+10. *Sasami-san@Unmotivated episode 7

11. Dokidoki! Precure episode 3

12. Problem Children episode 7

13. Tamako Market episode 7

+14. Aikatsu episode 18

15. *Vividred Operation episode 7

16. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo episode 19

17. Robotics;Notes episode 17


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure-

Jojo episode 19 pic 45

Stroheim is immortal, isn’t he?

How do they do it every single week? Jojo continues to be one of the best show I am watching despite nearly all scenes being about ridiculous fights. The fight with Cars wasn’t even my favorite part of this episode though, (except for the parts where Ceasar and Jojo snip at each other like a married couple, that is.) It was all about the scene where Jojo gets restless and trips a cat. Thank you, Jojo. I needed to see that. I don’t know what Ceasar is thinking though, trying to go after Cars and Wham in broad day-light in that mansion doesn’t seem like a great idea.

Space Brothers-

Go get him!

Go get him!

The two that came to the rescue  took too long dwelling on joking with Hibito and I was nervous that they were going to let poor rolled up Damien freeze to death. Fortunately, he is apparently going to be ok despite having a bad case of frost-bite. They might have hurried it up a little, though, geez. I think I have cried all 44 times this anime has been on, that must be some kind of record.  I don’t care what Mutta or Hibito are doing it always gets to me, maybe it is the soundtrack or something, because I can’t keep the tears from coming out and my emotions from bubbling up until I am a gigantic mess while watching this. All that stuff about Brian Jay was incredibly moving of course, but so is everything about my Space Brothers. What a great series this is!

Zetsuen no Tempest-

vividred op ep 7 pic 28

Fruit! Fruit! Fruit!

Tempest has been pompously stringing us along with the same questions the entire time: What the hell are the Tree of Genesis and Exodus, and where do they come from? Who killed Aika? and also Who is The Mage of Exodus? I should be sick of wanting to know the answers to these same questions after all this time, yet here I am, still happily watching it. That is probably because it gets the right balance between the drama and humor of the entire situation, and I enjoy all the little moments as well. At this point the romance and comedy are so enjoyable that the more serious questions aren’t even what I am liking the most about this show anymore.

Akb0048 Next Stage-

akb0048 next stage ep 7 pic 39

The most fascinating part of this series, is the fact that the idols don’t get to remain themselves if they become members,  but merely have to fit the soul of a previous member, as in sort of become someone else in order to meet the fan’s demands. After being mysteriously “chosen” by an unseen oracle’s magic they are transformed, and even though all the girls are friends they still talk about being rivals and go through hell pretty much to achieve a dream which essentially adds up to erasing yourself and being a slave. I would hate the show if not for the fact that all the characters are totally sympathetic, even though they are being used here.

You know what would be awesome? Aladdin and Alibaba need to come along and save these girls!


robo;notes episode 17 pic 3

Gah! Another club is being disbanded, and like I care?!

Eh, the latest developments with that poorly developed character dying and the accident haven’t really done anything to improve Robotics;Notes, in my opinion. I thought that it was doing pretty well before it added unnecessary drama,  when it was more focused on the conspiracies and robot building, and Frau, personally. Better than it is now, with the mess it currently is in because it is simply began trying to do too much and got carried away. Sometimes simple is more powerful.   Too bad, because there are many charming traits if it could focus on any one of them without getting distracted.

Jojo episode 19 pic 16





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psycho pass episode 16 pic 5

I can’t believe the season is already at the half-way mark, I feel like I just wrote the first impressions yesterday. The speed at which it is flying by is possibly a good thing considering how poorly this season’s original shows are doing against sequels and ongoing stuff from fall. I actually can’t wait to move on to spring, and get this long, sickly, troublesome winter behind me! Perhaps the only two Winter shows that have started to really resonate with me, are  Dokidoki! Precure. I can’t fail to mention Dokidoki has had some kind of effect since I had one dream about it already!

1. Psycho Pass episode 16

+2. Shinsekai Yori episode 18

+3. Space Brothers episode 43

+4. Chihayafuru episode 31 (Season 2 episode 6)

5. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure episode 18

6. Zetsuen no Tempest episode 18

+7. Magi

8. Akb0048 Next Stage episode 6

9. Dokidoki! Precure episode 2

+10. *Vividred Operation episode 6

11. Haganai Next episode 6

12.  Problem Children episode 6

+13. Tamako Market episode 6

14. *Robotics;Notes episode 16

15. Sasami-san@Unmotivated episode 6

16. *Oreshura episode 6

17. Aikatsu episode 17

18. Little Busters episode 18

19. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo episode 18

Psycho Pass-

psycho pass episode 16 pic 14

We’ve come full circle to the dramatic scenery we started in at  episode 1. Everything has built up quite effectively to this moment, and due to the tight action and thoughtful drama here, I feel Psycho Pass deserves first place, just for the fact that it made events and consequences come together so smoothly, even if they do sometimes seem less original than some of the ideas in say, Shinsekai Yori. I think I clearly have a favorite character in Shusei, as well..which leads to my rage after episode 16, Why?! why me?!!

Shinsekai Yori-

shinsekai yori episode 18 pic 3

I really don’t know how to describe Shinsekai Yori accurately without simply calling it beautiful. I will remember this show long after it is over. The reason it has never been number one yet, and usually doesn’t get into my top three, is not because it isn’t great. It tends to hold back more than the other series, I am really waiting for it to unleash itself still. This episode was a good step in that direction, as the suspense that has been slowly building all this time is about to boil over. I wouldn’t be shocked if the next few episodes are some of the best.


magi episode 17 pic 53

They are always standing right behind you watching, so it is all cool.

I am a sucker for shonen when it is at its most sentimental and heroic, and touches on deep topics like the passing of loved ones the way this episode did. The whole “people may die but they are watching over us,” thing isn’t new, or anything, but I can’t help but be comforted by how Magi handled such a sensitive issue and managed to make it somehow not depressing, or stupid. With the help of the compassionate yet stronger Aladdin, who has just gained his wisdom of Solomon and powered up.  I think this show does succeed on more than just a scenery level, as well, the characters are some of the more sympathetic and love-able ones of the past couple seasons, even though it has still not done anything so over the top as to break into my top five, it is a matter of it craft being weaker than some of the other shows I am watching, if it was refined some more it would be almost perfect.

Vividred Operation-

vividred operation episode 6 pic 4

Whoever is coming up with this stuff is having  fun making it addictive/finding new ways to show us some underage butt. I am having ridiculous fun watching this show even with the butt overload. The mad scientist grandfather’s inventions in episode  include a swimsuit that expands into a balloon as you wear it, and an android melee bear. It seems highly likely it is on crack, but I like it. This was the kind of episode, much like episode 2 that just keeps on raising the stakes and topping itself as far as absurdity goes. This was actually probably one of my favorite comic episodes to watch this week, and that is why Vividred Operation  broke into my top ten episodes of the week.

vividred operation episode 6 pic 33

Haganai Next-

boku wa tomodachi episode 6 pic 1

This episode wasn’t as strong as the past couple weeks, and some of it came across as forced. I didn’t like how Sena was supposed to be so dumb she would believe that when Yozora told her fortune she could honestly still believe she wasn’t lying, given her track record of fooling Sena into doing crazy stunts all the time. Come on, would Sena really fall for something so blatantly made up at this point. Just how slow am I supposed to believe she is, and would t really be fair to pick on someone with such a low IQ?  I don’t really like the whole maid dress up thing either, except for the part where Sena insists that she has not been to maid cafes, even though she makes such a good maid-waitress.

Problem Children are Coming from Another World Aren’t They?-problem children ep 6 pic 2

The best thing about this show is kuro usagi, and kuro usagi’s dance in the ET. I could watch that over and over. This show is only what, like, ten episodes long? I don’t think it has time to go anywhere, so I am just trying to enjoy it in the moment.  For what its worth, it has been better than some of the shows I started with higher expectations for, while it is mostly just a good distraction in between heavier anime.

Tamako Market-

tamako market episode 6 pic 6

Right now, Tamako Market is not really a very deep show. It is just an unabashedly cute, and happy-go-lucky one.  I love the chill record store dude and his sayings and there are things that still appeal to me in its general vibe. I can’t say that Tamako herself is very bright and neither are most of the adults of the market, considering they thought the bunny market could be haunted even though Shiori quickly figured out it wasn’t, without trying very hard.  Even so, cuteness and a friendly nature isn’t enough to gloss over the fact of Dera having worn off his welcome a while go, and since it doesn’t have a clear direction I am pretty sure I will totally forget it once it ends.  Unless some new characters from Dera’s island change my mind..


sasami san episode 6 pic 3

I am not entirely sure what Sasami-san@Unmotivated wants to be. It sure is nice to look at, but this latest development with the mom returning from the dead hasn’t pushed this show from just pretty into something bigger. To be fair, I was losing interest a while ago I just wanted to give it a shot to pick up and it hasn’t really improved. I guess I am at the point where I may as well see it through, but I would not advise anyone else to start watching this show.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo-

sakurasou no pet na kanojo ep 18 pic 13

Yeah, it is really bad.

For now let’s put aside the sad fact that now Nanami will be cock-blocking Mashiro and getting none of her own from Sorata for the remainder of the series, and talk about some more issues this show has. Although Sorata always, always deserves to be hit. I can’t believe what a tool he is. “and I couldn’t concentrate because of Misaki!” Jin is the worst character in the show, in my opinion. Besides the guy he is beating up. I really hated this episode, as it put all of Sakurasou’s flaws in the most obnoxious light possible . Maybe it was the grating melodrama. I’m pretty sure I had it up to here after the loud fist-fight between Sorata and Jin. A stagnant and unchanging relationship that never made progress shouldn’t be trying to be resolved out of nowhere with a loud, clumsy fist-fight.

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psycho pass ep 15 pic 36

Car as weapon, brilliant.

First of all, I apologize that my Chihayafuru episode 30 (or season 2 episode 5) review will be a little late, I plan on writing it tomorrow. If you want to know what my posting schedule will look like (Starting in around a week or two at most) it is in recent posts.

Nothing drastic has happened between last week and this week in most of these series for their positions to be turned upside down, I wasn’t expecting that though. As it is, it is difficult to get excited about anything below #10 on this list.

1. Psycho Pass episode 15

2. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure episode 17

+ 3. *Shinsekai Yori episode 17

4. Space Brothers episode 42

5. Chihayafuru episode 30

6. Zetsuen no Tempest episode 17

+7. Akb0048 Next Stage episode 5

8. Magi episode 16

+9. Haganai Next episode 5

10.  Robotics;Notes episode 15

11. Oreshura episode 5

12. Problem Children are Coming from Another World, Aren’t They? episode 5

13. Sasami-san@Unmotivated episode 5

+14. Tamako Market episode 5

+15. Vividred Operation episode 5

+16. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo episode 17

17. Aikatsu episode 16

18. Little Busters episode 17

19. Kotoura-san episode 5

20. Zettai Karen Children episode 5

"books are not just something you read words in, they are also a tool to adjust your senses."

“books are not just something you read words in, they are also a tool to adjust your senses.”

Psycho Pass-

A number of little details have kept Psycho Pass at number 1 for me. There was the fact that I just love the way Shogo Makishima converses about literature, and why reading paper books is better than downloading just the words. He keeps such a cool, philosophical head about him all the time while carrying out evil schemes to destroy sibyl that I have to admire that.  Besides, Shusei’s comment that they ought to run over the rioting crowds with the car, was a classic suggestion and perfect evidence of what someone whose hue is clouded, really thinks about. Man, my hue would be so clouded.

shinsekai yori ep 17 pic 26

such a sneaky creature.

Shinsekai Yori-

I don’t talk much about Shinsekai Yori, it is the kind of show I tend to brood over in my head rather than discuss. Overall, this show has developed the world and story so much better than Psycho Pass has to be quite honest, and finally it seems like it is really starting,  after the longest build up ever! Wow, that intense world building is really paying off right about now. The characters are still kind of vague personalities compared to the world and horror around them, but that isn’t really a problem since they aren’t the main focus. Yakumaru is such a great character, too.

Even at its least impressive, Robotics;Notes still has something about it.

Even at its least impressive, Robotics;Notes still has something about it.


The Airi episode is the closest to extremely mushy and sentimental this show has ever come, I almost felt like I watching Little Busters instead of Robotics;Notes what with the dying little girl melodrama, the kiss thing, and all the “I love snow” stuff. If not for the glimpses of Kimijima Ko I don’t think I would be quite so forgiving here, but I can extend Robotics;Notes which is actually a really good show, some credit and overlook a bit of mush.

oreshura ep 5 pic 47

Terrible naming sense aside, how adorable.


Hime should not at all detract from the delightful dynamic going on between Eita and the girls. In a harem whether you like the characters enough can go a long way in determining how you will feel about the show itself. Since I genuinely think these characters are more appealing than average and don’t get on my nerves this show is working for me a little more than some of the other series this season. I can see why these girls think highly/are in love with Eita. He is reliable, truly nice, heroic, cute, funny and weird. In short, he is many things most harem leads never are. I hope he can clone himself and prevent the unfortunate need to reject all these girls, even if I know who he will end up with in the end I still wish sometimes everyone else didn’t have to suffer in these things.

sakurasou pet kanojo episode 17 pic 26

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo-

Speaking of suffering, I can’t stand to watch Nanami shoot herself in the foot by liking Sorata and turning down the guy who actually notices her. Just go with someone who won’t crush all your hopes, girl. The Valentine’s day episode was full of clichés, and not really all that I would want from my romance. At least I actually want Mashiro to win, or it would be really disappointing.

Zettai Karen Children and Kotoura-san

I think I am going to go ahead and drop Zettai Karen Children from this list, and replace it with Dokidoki Precure! The loli is the central focus and the story isn’t going anywhere amazing for me. Kotoura-san is also starting to bore me, so I am dropping it too.

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pyscho pass episode 14 pic 24

He’s just trying to fix society.

To indicate where a series has moved compared to previous ratings, there will now be signs just so you can have an idea how it is progressing relative to last week. +  if it has moved up, and — if it has moved down. If it’s position has changed significantly, meaning it has moved more than three spots in any direction there will be a * by the title. Anything newly added, like Robotics;Notes won’t have any indicator. In the opinions of the episodes below that, I’ve given certain episodes awards.

+ 1. *Psycho Pass episode 14

2. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure episode 16

3. Chihayafuru episode 29 (season 2 episode 4)

4. Space Brothers episode 41

5. Zetsuen no Tempest episode 16

6. Robotics;Notes episode 14

7. Shinsekai Yori episode 16

8. Magi episode 15

+9. Akb0048 Next Stage episode 4

10. Haganai Next episode 4

+11. *Oreshura episode 4

+12. Problem Children episode 4

+13. *Sasami-san@Unmotivated episode 4

14. Aikatsu  episode 15

15. *Tamako Market episode 4

+16. *Little Busters episode 16

17. *Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo episode 16

18. *Kotoura-san episode 4

19. Vividred Operation episode 4

20. Zettai Karen Children The Unlimited episode 4

Best Episode

and Biggest Shock

Psycho Pass-

pyscho pass episode 14 pic 30

The only stupid thing is that the officers don’t have backup weapons.

saw a significant rise in the ratings due to its memorable events with the masked criminals fooling the psycho pass system. While some have criticized Psycho Pass saying a society couldn’t realistically be so numbed to violence and even murder itself, that it wouldn’t notice it happening right in front of them, I thought the episode was believable for such a society. The brutality of the scene in which the man beat the woman to death in front of an oblivious group of spectators, sparked enough of a dialogue about it, to put it first in my mind.

*Toughest Bishoujo and 

*Made something monotonous fun to watch


Jojo episode 15 pic 4

I don’t even see how Jojo could possibly improve, it is perfect already.

was about the training episode with Lisa Lisa, where Jojo and Ceasar climb up a pillar of death. As usual, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is spot on, brilliant even. I honestly can’t picture it not getting into the top three most of the time, since every episode is practically genius.

*Funniest Episode 

Haganai –

haganai episode 3 pic 16

the authentic mangirl

is first because of the roller coaster scene, and the twist at the end. If not for Haganai being wickedly funny..


oreshura episode 4 pic 32

I think kids with Chuunibyou is hard to make go wrong, as are Jojo parodies.

would have had that one in the bag when Eita and Chiwa get in a fight with a guy who rejected Chiwa on their date.  Watching Eita’s Chuunibyou unleashed was great, but so was seeing Chiwa beat the crap out of those delinquents.

Smartest Bishounens all gathered in one place

Zetsuen no Tempest-

zetsuen no tempest episode 16 pic 16

Yes, we all know the tree of genesis is a killer, but what would its pyscho pass say?

I still think all this being over a bunch of god-like trees is unbelievable silly, but Zetsuen no Tempest somehow pulls it off.

*Best use of Robots and *Most Geeky (both awards are a good thing)

All you need to know about Robotics;Notes- Robots are on a Rampage!

robotics;notes episode 14 pic 26

Um, being the coolest person on planet earth?

Most Needlessly Perverted

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo should know better-

sakurasou pet kanojo episode 16 pic 36

a dreadful example of the trend of the soulless imoutos.

Little sister’s loving their brothers and incest as a thing isn’t normal, you need extraordinary circumstances to justify it! Sasami-san@Unmotivated knows that, at least. (Kotoura-san did have that perverted grandpa but I think I would rather just ignore that one, that and the spanking stuff..)

*Most Improved and *Cutest Moment

I’m going to go with Sasami-san@Unmotivated-

sasami-san@unmotivated episode 3 pic 42

Kamiomi probably cries her tears for her.

It is really less improved and more that I feel I understand it better now. I did think episode 3’s explanations of the reasons for Sasami and Kamiomi’s strange relationship helped improve my opinion of the show, after giving it some thought. With episode 4 I feel I am finally getting into the plot and characters more. It is far from perfect, of course, but I like to award anything that tries to be creative and has a crazy flair. There are moments when it really clicks like at the end when the alien spaceship arrives and the government comes to collect the alien from Tama.

Sasami-san is a living cutest moment.

*Most Affecting, I mean, Emotionally Affecting   

Akb0048 Next Stage-

akb0048 next stage episode 4 pic 55

I’ve never seen so many shocked faces.

had me biting my knuckles with the elections and voting for favorite idols ceremony, watching all those cute girls cry and make speeches was truly inspiring. I’m not saying Hibito’s near death experience isn’t also a tear-jerker, but this was beautiful.

*Dumbest Episode and

*Most Rushed Plot

Vividred Operation-

vividred operation ep 4 pic 43

Help! I’m turning into a banana!

is rushing things along alright with the yellow shut-in girl joining the battle against the alone, and it is certainly the dumbest show I’m still watching. How can anyone love a manifestor engine so much? Against all odds I still like it, though, even if nothing beats episode 2 for sheer idiocy.

Little Busters-

is a close second as far as being dumb goes, because the only thing stupider than loving a  manifestor engine with all your heart, is loving a bench.

little busters episode 16 pic 16

Little Busters is now exploring the phenomenon of people who are deeply in love with objects.

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haganai episode 3 pic 6

Yes, Maria’s prayer.

Note: I noticed that I had misplaced Zetsuen no Tempest in the last ratings, so I moved it. I also forgot to add Psycho Pass, so I fixed that. The hazards of watching everything are to be feared. I did end up dropping Love Live! School Idol Project, as warned. It was too identical to Tari Tari, and it just creeped me out.

Jojo episode 15 pic 18

Jojo’s balls ftw.

I’ve also caught up with certain anime I put on hold from last season, such as Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo and Little Busters. When I catch up to Robotics;Notes and Ixion Saga dt I will re-include  those as well in the ratings. Yeah, instead of dropping stuff like any sane person would do, I managed to add more anime to my already ridiculous watch list!  Any suggestions for what I should drop? Once I watch more than 2 episodes I find it terribly hard to drop anything.  I would drop Amnesia, but then where would I get more bishounen in this sparse season?

Little Buster does have Kud.

Little Busters does have Kud.

1. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure episode 15

2. Chihayafuru episode 28

3. Space Brothers episode 40

4. Shinsekai Yori episode 15

5. Zetsuen no Tempest episode 15

6. Magi episode 14

7. Psycho Pass episode 13

8. Tamako Market episode 3

9. Haganai Next episode 15

10. Akb0048 Next Stage episode 16

11. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo episode 15

12. Kotoura-san episode 3

13. Problem Children are Coming from Another World, Aren’t They episode 3

14. Aikatsu episode 14

15. Oreshura episode 3

16. Vividred Operation episode 3

17. Zettai Karen Children the Unlimited episode 3

18. Hakkenden episode 3

19. Amnesia episode 3

20. Sasami-san@Unmotivated episode 3

21. Little Busters episode 15

22. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 3

pet kanojo episode 15 pic 7

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has to be first, what with Jojo  now engaged to both “Wham and AC/DC.”  Also, Jojo’s balls. Who saw that coming?

Tamako Market is going in the right direction with this new shy character, Shiori. I can relate to her extreme reservation, since I am an introvert. I just hope it also gives attention to developing Midori and Tamako’s relationship. Yes, I am trying to ship them because I think it would be different and make the series stand out, even if they don’t end up together I still think it would be nice if a gay character was portrayed realistically and with subtlety, instead of used as a comic relief. Alas, it won’t happen but I can hope.

Haganai. I have no idea why, but Maria and her poop obsession cracks me up. Also, did Kate just fart in front of Kodaka and  laugh about it? That is .. actually shocking for some reason.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo is one of those shows that can be really convincingly excellent for one episode, than not so convincing in the next, based on what it is focusing on. I think that when Sakurasou gets its priorities right and talks about the stress of being an artist living and working with other artists, I like it a lot. When it devolves into dumb comedy and the little sister shows up, I am not as impressed.

Kotoura san episode 3 pic 14

Kotoura-san is winning me over bit by bit, mostly because the characters are so fetching. I hope I didn’t give the impression I disliked it or anything, because I do think it has the chops to be a very good anime all around. The same goes for Oreshura, which just might avoid all the cliches the genre usually falls into, maybe.

Problem Children is good because so far it does manage to be different from everything else this season, and it has Izayoi who I think has just the right amount of mystery and charisma, without being obnoxious. I don’t think the characters are actually too overpowered, because their powers just allow them to actually participate in the gift games and help Black Rabbit’s no name group effectively, and it’s not like it is going to be too easy. They do have to go up against many powerful creatures who are just as beastly as they are.

Sasami-san@Unmotivated is a hot mess of an anime, just when I think it is going to explain and start to make some sense it falls apart again.  Mixed into the chaos are things I could see being interesting concepts if only they were molded correctly into shape and there are many visually pleasing things for the eye. I can’t take it seriously right now, though.

Little Busters is way too bland, I remember why I put in on hold now. The only arc I enjoyed the fullest was the one right before this, between episodes 10-14 about the girl who wants to turn into a white bird and disappear. I feel like it is at it’s best when being Clannad like and sad, and at its worst when trying to be funny. Although it hasn’t really mastered the sad porn either. Also, it completely ignores the male members of the cast and turns them into one-note gag characters.

little busters episode 16 pic 1

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space brothers ep 39 hibito

I watch way too many of the new shows that come out each season. It is crazy to be watching 20 odd new shows. Now I find rating anime episodically a little tricky since on the one hand, you do want to keep the potential of the show in future in mind but you have to take notice of how enjoyable the episode was in the moment. The question is, how do you put an episode in the right place if its potential and its present enjoyability do not match? My answer, is that I tend to prioritize how I feel about a series in general over how it moved me in the moment more than the other way around.

vividred ops episode 2 pic 31

Now I don’t take this to potential over the moment thing to any extremes, if a show I really like has a boring episode it will fall. If a show I don’t like has a great episode it will probably rise too. It just Means, to me that potential and ability to craft a meaningful story overall mean more to me than a single moment of good times. I do account for being moved in the moment as well, and often the best series are able to do both without much effort. If a series I find dull or badly made pulls off a really good episode, it probably won’t reach number one just by virtue of having one good episode. If an anime is always at rock bottom, that is pretty dire since even the worst shows have a few bright spots.

shinsekai yori maria

This whole theory explains why something as slow burning as Space Brothers still makes it to the top of my list so often. Or why any show from Fall 2012 is kicking any other show from Winter 2013’s ass, except Chihayafuru! While it may not pull of many typical dramatic stunts it is clever about drawing out even the smallest, most mundane matters into the stuff of awesome suspense. I have never been more nervous or emotional than I was whenever I watched anything, even if the problem at hand was only something like, “who got the card telling them to do something to interrupt the harmony of the group.”  Other shows, worse shows, may have people dying left and right, but Space Brothers is the only one where I can be made such a ball of worry and concern over even minor characters. Excuse my language but I am not including any shorts in this list, because fuck that.

tamako market ep 2 pic 25

1. Space Brothers episode 39

2. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure episode 14

3. Magi episode 13

4. Shinsekai Yori episode 14

5. Zetsuen no Tempest episode 14

6. Psycho Pass Episode 12

7. Chihayafuru 2 episode 2

8.  Tamako Market episode 2

9. Boku wa Tomodachi Next episode 2

10. Akb0048 Next Stage episode 2

11. Aikatsu episode 13

12. Oreshura episode 2

13. Kotoura san episode 2

14. Amnesia episode 2

15. Vividred Operation episode 2

16. Problem Children are coming.. episode 2

17. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 2

18. Hakkenden episode 2

19. Sasami-san@Unmotivated episode 2

20. Zettai Karen Children The Unlimited episode 2

21. Tari Ta- erm, Love Live! School Idol Project 2

22.  gdgd Fairies 2 episode 2

23. Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman episode 2

24. Cuticle Tantei Inaba episode 2

25.  GJ-bu episode 2

oreshura ep 2 pic 25

Comments on Fall 2012 anime:

Magi has come into its own with the balbadd arc. I really like how all the characters have their insecurities, but they each find ways to overcome them eventually. I want my Aladdin to wake up though, I miss him!

Shinsekai Yori

I don’t talk much about this anime on my blog, and maybe I should because it is one of the most frightening, but skillfully written anime I’ve seen in a long time. Basically, the drama and characters have all crept up on me after a long time wondering what was going to happen to the poor children of this messed up world, I finally see what it is trying to do.

Highlights of The New Stuff:

Obviously, Chihayafuru 2. Besides that though, Akb0048 is still good and reliable fun, as is Haganai Next thanks to girls being mean to one another. Tamako Market is pure candy mixed with angel halos and everything nice, I can’t get enough of it. I think I will just come out and say that I adore Tamako Market right now. Especially the fact that yuri (or at least one-sided yuri) is a real prospect? Please?

Everyone Has Questionable Taste Sometimes:

I will probably get shot for saying that I like laughing at Amnesia, so right now I am having fun with (the bishounen) despite the fact that story-wise and pacing wise it is still watching paint dry levels of frustrating. I should really say I like analyzing what the characters are wearing, since the bizarre clothes are way more interesting than the dialogue about weather.

Not with the crowd?:

Everyone is saying Kotoura san is the dark horse of the season, I think it is just alright, personally. I don’t hate it, but I am not really in love with it either.  I put it above some episodes I enjoyed more, because I agree that it is a better show, and it is a good one. I don’t know why I am not feeling it on a  gut level, I will think on it.

Say what you want, I was entertained:

Vividred Operation episode 1 was far less silly and over the top than episode 2, I really can’t complain about episode 2’s sense of joy. Actually, it reminded me of Symphogear, what I saw of it anyway, and Rinne no Lagrange. There are plenty of yuri moments in it, magical girls doing stupid stunts and everyone freaking out.

Problem Children are Coming.. My abbreviation makes me laugh, so I will call it that from now on. The best part of the episode was when that muscular, sharp toothed guy admitted to the mind-control girl that he killed and ate children. Brutal, terrifying and hilarious. This is not a show for children!  I also counted two magical lolis in this one episode.

Suspicious and or Bad:

Love Live! School Idol Project has the exact same plot, characters and vibe as Tari Tari without any of the cunning. I might have to drop it, because it is kind of scaring me. This can’t be a coincidence. Sasami-san@unmotivated is aptly titled, because I just don’t have the motivation to watch it. I will anyway, because it is Shinbo but I feel manipulated to continue. It isn’t on the bottom of my list, but it is still a disappointment.


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It is sort of a small kingdom, and all the other kingdoms don’t recognize its authoritah

Before I begin, a word about these last couple weeks not posting anything.  I can’t blame the hurricane  for when I was simply having trouble liking anything I wrote. (I literally drafted different reviews I didn’t end up wanting to post due to some  perfectionist  mood I was in. Since  Monday October  29th  I haven’t been able to post anything due to a hurricane! The power outage from it lasted last three days. It was like the 1930’s, picture people sitting around listening to the radio, wearing fur hats to prevent the cold. Imagine these poor souls eating dinner by candle-light, and having to resort to things like face to face Conversation and Reading Books to pass the time. Lord!

Aoi Sekai: or things you can get away with while carrying a monkey on your shoulder.

I probably wouldn’t have fared that well in the primitive, dark days of the past, in any age where they didn’t ignore each other in favor of staring at brightly shining screens, ears plugged up and mind detached in a haze of hermetic reflections. Everything is back to mostly normal now, (until the  massive blizzard of 2033  kills us all, or Mitt Romney wins the upcoming election.) so I will  do my best to catch up. For the time being I just want to get up to speed and this is a huge season to be in this position with. I started with something like thirty some odd shows at the beginning. I have only been able to manage to whittle it down to 19, after realizing I was unable to part with anything.

Home alone, no idea what to do. Watch 19 anime, that is what.

1. Magi Episode 3

After much deliberation I finally decided to review Magi, instead of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure,  or  or any of the others I toyed with reviewing. The reason I picked it is because A: I don’t think it will be too short, B: Aladdin is my favorite character and C: It makes me happy. The reason I am only picking one show is because I have alot of Chihayafuru reviewing to make up for before the second season rolls around. I blame new shows for constantly distracting me from old ones.

2. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 3

It is hard not to admire the audacity and passion that goes into Jojo. It is probably one of the  trippiest, comically over the top shows I’ve seen.

3. K Episode 3

4. Shinsekai Yori 3

This show has my favorite world by far. You would expect Shinsekai to soar above the other series because of this. That and the fact that its got so many strange creatures  (that rainbow colored, iridescent goat thing)  and a horrifying but fascinating story to tell.   Unfortunately, for me there is still something missing. Whether it is the characters themselves being kind of blah and one-dimensional, or that it can be presented somewhat roughly, I can’t quite tell.

5. Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 3

There is something really methodical and machine-like about the story-telling approach here that I think really works. Zetsuen no Tempest seems at first glance, (forgive my lack of originality,) a highly “tempestuous,’ story full of intrigue,  magic and theatrics, but the truth is it is fashioned with a cunning eye and a taste for rationality and mental calculation, that belies its melodramatic tone and the character’s angsty goals. In that way it succeeds the same way Death Note did, by using intellectual means to appeal to ones emotions and it does not sacrifice gratification of the mind to the senses.

6. Chuunibyou Demo Koi Episode 3

I would recommend this show to almost anybody, it is one of the most moving, funny things I’ve seen recently.

7. Btooom! Episode 3

Psychos are just fun to watch.

8. Space Brothers Episode 28

It is hard to find any fault with Space Brothers when it comes to building tension and lavishing care and effort on its characters. It  has really got me nervous about Hibito, and everyone else going into space in the future. I do think that sometimes it lingers over giving us certain payback  too long and sometimes loses some immediate entertainment factor in favor of  a more expansive, long-view approach that is evil but masterful.

9. The Monster Next to Me Episode 3

10. Medaka Box Abnormal Episode 3

Here is the thing, I complained Medaka was too perfect but that is actually not entirely true. Medaka is wonderfully abnormal, she is extremely gifted to the point that people would have to be crazy not to envy her and think her power unfair, only once you realize what she is trying to do you can’t hate her. Medaka can do anything she wants and has a heroic, charismatic nature., so she makes an “ideal,” heroine.  It never feels like her victory is “forced,” even if it is inevitable.  This has a really interesting concept, all told, even if you don’t like overpowered characters this might still win you over with the  vivacious characters and sunny action.

11.Robotics;Notes Episode 3

I was bored but not completely put off by episode 1, mostly because the dude did nothing but play his game, and the girl was like a more grating version of Madoka from Rinne no Lagrange, only without the skin-tight green uniform or Lan around to Yuri it up with, so I wasn’t that interested initially. Episodes 2 and 3 were an improvement,  as it gave me more to work with about the dude who likes his kill ballad, even though the girl still gets on my nerves.

12. Kamisama Kiss Episode 3

13. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 3

14. Psycho Pass Episode 3

It would be higher up, but it gives me a bad case of de ja vu.

15. Code Breaker episode 3

16. Say I Love You

17. Little Busters

18. Girls und Panzer

Excuse me, the German subtitles only added to the experience of realism. Dropped, I have too much stuff to watch.

This is probably funny unintentionally. I don’t think the writers really get that the idea of having girls ride tanks around in order to become more “beautiful/popular with men and to one day be good wives,” is absurd, in the same way Upotte’s concept of girls as guns was strange. It might be an accidental statement on how culture inflicts nonsensical ideals on people and makes them conform to arbitrary rules of what each gender is supposed to do and say, but it is still unsettling. That makes Girls und Panzer a riot to watch, until it stops accidentally making social commentary and ceases to be a parody.

19. Oniiai Episode 3

20. Sword Art Online  Episode 16

Anyone who thinks this series is good, seriously deserves a smack upside the head. Not that I condone violence.

21.  Aikatsu episode 3

Dropped. If you didn’t like the first episode, you won’t like the next two.

The little brother should have joined the idol academy instead.

22.  Ixion saga Episode 3

Dropped, simply not funny enough.

Without an internet connection, he lost the will to live.

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