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Episode 7 Ratings

shinsekai yori episode 19 pic 45

I don’t have much to say as a preamble beyond that I am dropping Oreshura because I do not care for the two new characters, among other issues the show has, and I am dropping Little Busters again since it is still going nowhere.  I am proud to say that Shinsekai Yori has finally gotten first place, thanks to a fiend, and I am sad to say that Magi can’t seem to break into the top five yet. Sasami-san has gotten a little bit more watchable, and although it is far from great there were hints of brightness. After a pretty funny episode last week, Vividred Operation went back to being just ok again, while Hagani got back into my top ten by making shopping for birthday presents amusing.

Most appropriate episode title ever.

Most appropriate episode title ever.

+1. Shinsekai Yori episode 19

2. Psycho Pass episode 17

+3. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure episode 19

4. Space Brothers episode 44

5. Chihayafuru 2, episode 7

+6. Magi episode 18

7. Zetsuen no Tempest episode 19

8. Akb0048 Next Stage episode 7

+9. Haganai Next episode 7

+10. *Sasami-san@Unmotivated episode 7

11. Dokidoki! Precure episode 3

12. Problem Children episode 7

13. Tamako Market episode 7

+14. Aikatsu episode 18

15. *Vividred Operation episode 7

16. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo episode 19

17. Robotics;Notes episode 17


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure-

Jojo episode 19 pic 45

Stroheim is immortal, isn’t he?

How do they do it every single week? Jojo continues to be one of the best show I am watching despite nearly all scenes being about ridiculous fights. The fight with Cars wasn’t even my favorite part of this episode though, (except for the parts where Ceasar and Jojo snip at each other like a married couple, that is.) It was all about the scene where Jojo gets restless and trips a cat. Thank you, Jojo. I needed to see that. I don’t know what Ceasar is thinking though, trying to go after Cars and Wham in broad day-light in that mansion doesn’t seem like a great idea.

Space Brothers-

Go get him!

Go get him!

The two that came to the rescue  took too long dwelling on joking with Hibito and I was nervous that they were going to let poor rolled up Damien freeze to death. Fortunately, he is apparently going to be ok despite having a bad case of frost-bite. They might have hurried it up a little, though, geez. I think I have cried all 44 times this anime has been on, that must be some kind of record.  I don’t care what Mutta or Hibito are doing it always gets to me, maybe it is the soundtrack or something, because I can’t keep the tears from coming out and my emotions from bubbling up until I am a gigantic mess while watching this. All that stuff about Brian Jay was incredibly moving of course, but so is everything about my Space Brothers. What a great series this is!

Zetsuen no Tempest-

vividred op ep 7 pic 28

Fruit! Fruit! Fruit!

Tempest has been pompously stringing us along with the same questions the entire time: What the hell are the Tree of Genesis and Exodus, and where do they come from? Who killed Aika? and also Who is The Mage of Exodus? I should be sick of wanting to know the answers to these same questions after all this time, yet here I am, still happily watching it. That is probably because it gets the right balance between the drama and humor of the entire situation, and I enjoy all the little moments as well. At this point the romance and comedy are so enjoyable that the more serious questions aren’t even what I am liking the most about this show anymore.

Akb0048 Next Stage-

akb0048 next stage ep 7 pic 39

The most fascinating part of this series, is the fact that the idols don’t get to remain themselves if they become members,  but merely have to fit the soul of a previous member, as in sort of become someone else in order to meet the fan’s demands. After being mysteriously “chosen” by an unseen oracle’s magic they are transformed, and even though all the girls are friends they still talk about being rivals and go through hell pretty much to achieve a dream which essentially adds up to erasing yourself and being a slave. I would hate the show if not for the fact that all the characters are totally sympathetic, even though they are being used here.

You know what would be awesome? Aladdin and Alibaba need to come along and save these girls!


robo;notes episode 17 pic 3

Gah! Another club is being disbanded, and like I care?!

Eh, the latest developments with that poorly developed character dying and the accident haven’t really done anything to improve Robotics;Notes, in my opinion. I thought that it was doing pretty well before it added unnecessary drama,  when it was more focused on the conspiracies and robot building, and Frau, personally. Better than it is now, with the mess it currently is in because it is simply began trying to do too much and got carried away. Sometimes simple is more powerful.   Too bad, because there are many charming traits if it could focus on any one of them without getting distracted.

Jojo episode 19 pic 16





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