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psycho pass episode 16 pic 5

I can’t believe the season is already at the half-way mark, I feel like I just wrote the first impressions yesterday. The speed at which it is flying by is possibly a good thing considering how poorly this season’s original shows are doing against sequels and ongoing stuff from fall. I actually can’t wait to move on to spring, and get this long, sickly, troublesome winter behind me! Perhaps the only two Winter shows that have started to really resonate with me, are  Dokidoki! Precure. I can’t fail to mention Dokidoki has had some kind of effect since I had one dream about it already!

1. Psycho Pass episode 16

+2. Shinsekai Yori episode 18

+3. Space Brothers episode 43

+4. Chihayafuru episode 31 (Season 2 episode 6)

5. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure episode 18

6. Zetsuen no Tempest episode 18

+7. Magi

8. Akb0048 Next Stage episode 6

9. Dokidoki! Precure episode 2

+10. *Vividred Operation episode 6

11. Haganai Next episode 6

12.  Problem Children episode 6

+13. Tamako Market episode 6

14. *Robotics;Notes episode 16

15. Sasami-san@Unmotivated episode 6

16. *Oreshura episode 6

17. Aikatsu episode 17

18. Little Busters episode 18

19. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo episode 18

Psycho Pass-

psycho pass episode 16 pic 14

We’ve come full circle to the dramatic scenery we started in at  episode 1. Everything has built up quite effectively to this moment, and due to the tight action and thoughtful drama here, I feel Psycho Pass deserves first place, just for the fact that it made events and consequences come together so smoothly, even if they do sometimes seem less original than some of the ideas in say, Shinsekai Yori. I think I clearly have a favorite character in Shusei, as well..which leads to my rage after episode 16, Why?! why me?!!

Shinsekai Yori-

shinsekai yori episode 18 pic 3

I really don’t know how to describe Shinsekai Yori accurately without simply calling it beautiful. I will remember this show long after it is over. The reason it has never been number one yet, and usually doesn’t get into my top three, is not because it isn’t great. It tends to hold back more than the other series, I am really waiting for it to unleash itself still. This episode was a good step in that direction, as the suspense that has been slowly building all this time is about to boil over. I wouldn’t be shocked if the next few episodes are some of the best.


magi episode 17 pic 53

They are always standing right behind you watching, so it is all cool.

I am a sucker for shonen when it is at its most sentimental and heroic, and touches on deep topics like the passing of loved ones the way this episode did. The whole “people may die but they are watching over us,” thing isn’t new, or anything, but I can’t help but be comforted by how Magi handled such a sensitive issue and managed to make it somehow not depressing, or stupid. With the help of the compassionate yet stronger Aladdin, who has just gained his wisdom of Solomon and powered up.  I think this show does succeed on more than just a scenery level, as well, the characters are some of the more sympathetic and love-able ones of the past couple seasons, even though it has still not done anything so over the top as to break into my top five, it is a matter of it craft being weaker than some of the other shows I am watching, if it was refined some more it would be almost perfect.

Vividred Operation-

vividred operation episode 6 pic 4

Whoever is coming up with this stuff is having  fun making it addictive/finding new ways to show us some underage butt. I am having ridiculous fun watching this show even with the butt overload. The mad scientist grandfather’s inventions in episode  include a swimsuit that expands into a balloon as you wear it, and an android melee bear. It seems highly likely it is on crack, but I like it. This was the kind of episode, much like episode 2 that just keeps on raising the stakes and topping itself as far as absurdity goes. This was actually probably one of my favorite comic episodes to watch this week, and that is why Vividred Operation  broke into my top ten episodes of the week.

vividred operation episode 6 pic 33

Haganai Next-

boku wa tomodachi episode 6 pic 1

This episode wasn’t as strong as the past couple weeks, and some of it came across as forced. I didn’t like how Sena was supposed to be so dumb she would believe that when Yozora told her fortune she could honestly still believe she wasn’t lying, given her track record of fooling Sena into doing crazy stunts all the time. Come on, would Sena really fall for something so blatantly made up at this point. Just how slow am I supposed to believe she is, and would t really be fair to pick on someone with such a low IQ?  I don’t really like the whole maid dress up thing either, except for the part where Sena insists that she has not been to maid cafes, even though she makes such a good maid-waitress.

Problem Children are Coming from Another World Aren’t They?-problem children ep 6 pic 2

The best thing about this show is kuro usagi, and kuro usagi’s dance in the ET. I could watch that over and over. This show is only what, like, ten episodes long? I don’t think it has time to go anywhere, so I am just trying to enjoy it in the moment.  For what its worth, it has been better than some of the shows I started with higher expectations for, while it is mostly just a good distraction in between heavier anime.

Tamako Market-

tamako market episode 6 pic 6

Right now, Tamako Market is not really a very deep show. It is just an unabashedly cute, and happy-go-lucky one.  I love the chill record store dude and his sayings and there are things that still appeal to me in its general vibe. I can’t say that Tamako herself is very bright and neither are most of the adults of the market, considering they thought the bunny market could be haunted even though Shiori quickly figured out it wasn’t, without trying very hard.  Even so, cuteness and a friendly nature isn’t enough to gloss over the fact of Dera having worn off his welcome a while go, and since it doesn’t have a clear direction I am pretty sure I will totally forget it once it ends.  Unless some new characters from Dera’s island change my mind..


sasami san episode 6 pic 3

I am not entirely sure what Sasami-san@Unmotivated wants to be. It sure is nice to look at, but this latest development with the mom returning from the dead hasn’t pushed this show from just pretty into something bigger. To be fair, I was losing interest a while ago I just wanted to give it a shot to pick up and it hasn’t really improved. I guess I am at the point where I may as well see it through, but I would not advise anyone else to start watching this show.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo-

sakurasou no pet na kanojo ep 18 pic 13

Yeah, it is really bad.

For now let’s put aside the sad fact that now Nanami will be cock-blocking Mashiro and getting none of her own from Sorata for the remainder of the series, and talk about some more issues this show has. Although Sorata always, always deserves to be hit. I can’t believe what a tool he is. “and I couldn’t concentrate because of Misaki!” Jin is the worst character in the show, in my opinion. Besides the guy he is beating up. I really hated this episode, as it put all of Sakurasou’s flaws in the most obnoxious light possible . Maybe it was the grating melodrama. I’m pretty sure I had it up to here after the loud fist-fight between Sorata and Jin. A stagnant and unchanging relationship that never made progress shouldn’t be trying to be resolved out of nowhere with a loud, clumsy fist-fight.


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dokidoki precure episode 2 pic 64

What are they putting in that precure power?!

This week’s selfish came out of someone’s desire to cross the street without waiting! Ira, The white-haired boy who created the last selfish, returns, and changes some kid into a street-light with the ability to freeze people and cars in place. I guess I am having a hard time seeing such mundane and petty desires as truly evil, but I can be patient and wait for the villains to tempt people to do more Machiavellian things later.  The great part about this episode, is when Mana’s best friend Rikka sneaks up behind the street-light and pushes the button.

the one time pressing the button was a good idea.

the one time pressing the button was a good idea.

I think I get the picture here, the formula doesn’t appear to be very complex: A selfish appears/messes with an innocent person/Mana defeats it, (excuse me) purifies the selfish so it can join the human race again. The days work is over and everyone is happy, until the next attack.. I am finding what is essentially my first experience with Pretty Cure to be a fun one, despite any instinctual sarcasm on my part. If I sound as though I am putting it down don’t worry that is just my nature to sound underwhelmed, I don’t hate it.

dokidoki precure episode 2 pic 37

Ok, we’ll take it.

I couldn’t help but think the villains would be better served to try a different town where precure aren’t nearby and can’t come to rescue, if they really want to accomplish their goals. Like, why is the street so close to Mana’s school anyway, was it all part of the plan to let Mana beat them by causing chaos right next to where she studies? Than again, there would be no show if they were smart like that. Another thing I found difficult to believe was when the other students witnessed strange shit happen before their eyes, and waved it off like, “Well, as long as you are alright Mana we won’t ask any questions about giant crabs and the damage to the building.” Such blind acceptance is a little frightening.

dokidoki precure episode 2 pic 38

I would have fallen in love with this show, if one of those guys had scowled, crossed his arms and said, “Excuse me, but I won’t let this rest until I know the truth!” Walked off and proceeded to spy on all of Mana’s activities from there on.

I am typically a fan of mahou shoujo, starting with Sailor Moon all the way to Madoka. Precure seems to fall somewhere to the left of Madoka, as it shares some visual affinities with it, but with more of an emphasis right now on exaggerated comedy and a big dose of corny sentimentality. When Cure Heart purifies the selfish it turns all pink with hearts and yells, “Love, love loooove!” At which point the Beatles “All You Need is Love,” starts playing in my head.

I knew those fairies were sinister.

I knew those fairies were sinister.

For all I know it gets much darker later, Cure Swords scenes suggest it will, and I am hoping it does! For instance, Cure Sword asks Mana/Cure Heart if she will be able to protect her loved ones, and suggests that the role of a precure is full of peril. That could mean anything, though. In my first impression I didn’t mention that Mana has a best friend Rikka who seems like a nice person. I forgot Rikka last time because she didn’t really do much in the first episode, or at least my memory totally didn’t think she did. This time she appears long enough to worry about Mana, try to help her out, and to tell a story about a happy prince statue who reminds her of Mana. Both Mana and the prince in Rikka’s story, have  a habit of displaying excessive kindness even when it hurts them.

dokidoki precure episode 2 pic 52

She kept it to herself for one episode? That is pretty good.

I found the fact that Mana’s urge to share about what happened last time won’t let her get away with not telling her best friend to be realistic. Most young girls are not exactly masters of secrecy and subterfuge, after-all. How is Mana going to not just blab her secret to everyone though, considering her transparent personality? It seems like she is one of those people who can’t keep a secret, for better or worse. Mana is fun to watch, which is all that really matters.

dokidoki precure episode 2 pic 34

She asks excellent questions.

Perhaps she only has the compulsion to tell Rikka, either way it isn’t really a problem if Mana is too honest, I’m sure she can still carry out her work just fine, considering Rikka found out the truth and nothing happened to her yet. This gig doesn’t  require any great level of subtlety, therefore Mana can probably not expect much in the way of consequences. Except not being able to find her normal clothes, that is.

dokidoki precure episode 2 pic 10

Characters seem cuter upside down, somehow.

Errant Princess Says,



This was good, I am enjoying it so far! 

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