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boku no imouto osaka okan episode 9 pic 6

I am all out of writing ideas right now! Change of plans:

You may have noticed that I have been inconsistent in general about posting. Basically, I am not having very much fun keeping up with episodic posts. I have decided to quit trying to review shows episodically. There is something really grueling and pointless about trying to find things to say about one show, week after week. I have run out of things to say about Chihayafuru, for instance! I’m done with trying to do that.

I am also going to take a break for another week or two from posting, until I get my inspiration for writing about anime back. I just have not been very enthusiastic as I used to be and I need some time to regroup so that when I return I am able to write something I like, and you will have a chance of liking it more if I am not burned out.

vividred op ep 7 pic 1

I will continue to do an episode ratings post once a week, (I’ll get episode 7 ratings up before my break) since that isn’t very much trouble and allows me to say something about everything I am watching. Other than that, when I do write a post it will be because I have something I want to say in that moment.  I certainly won’t be trying to keep up a schedule I can’t manage anymore. I want to write for the love of it. If I want to write about something that happens in an episode, I will, but I don’t want to be restricted from writing about a different anime if I choose, or obligated to keep on blogging a show I’ve run out ideas for.

The gist of this post is:

1. I need a break

2. No more episodic reviews, yay!

3. Chihayafuru, I will only write about you when I feel like it.

4. I am off finding writing motivation, I’m totally not too busy reading Hyperion or anything.  

boku no imouto osaka okan episode 9 pic 7


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robotics;notes episode 11 pic 14

Frau makes Robotics;Notes fun.

It looks like winter 2013 doesn’t really have any series that consistently interest me enough to write about them on a weekly basis. Instead, most of the new lineup are ok, just not anything to get excited about, and the rest are frustrating or underwhelming. A few titles came close to being good, but something was missing from each of them that makes me reluctant to commit.  So right now I will just stick to reviewing what I know and love. I will inform you if I decide to add anything else later but it would probably be  from fall 2012 and of an editorial rather than episodic nature. If there is a really good episode I may write something about it, and I won’t be shy if I have a good idea.

aikatsu episode 15 pic 2

I’m not actually obsessed with J Bepp or anything.

Dropped and or Dropping:

All the shorts but one. Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman 4, GJ-bu 2, Senran Kagura 1, Cuticle Tantei Inaba 2, Love Live! School Idol Project 3.  Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman remains off-putting in the sense that it plays on certain jokes too much (the bad at gambling thing isn’t very funny) and it has an immature sense of humor without being charming enough to pull it off. I like the female love interest of the lead, but they aren’t really doing anything with her to make me continue to watch. Many scenes are just the heroes running around being chased or chasing bad guys, spouting clichés and acting like idiots. I don’t care.

bakumatsu gijinden roman episode 3 pic 26

Roman has good moments, but not enough of them.

Here are the ones I decided to let go:  Amnesia (episode 4 convinced me nothing was going to change.) Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 4. I just don’t like it very much, there is more that bores me than that interests me, and Hakkenden 4. Hakkended is too Generic by far, all it has is the foxes and that crazy eyeball thing, but that isn’t good enough.

I reserve the right to drop anything else that goes downhill, or pick anything back up that I feel like.

More Frau is always a good thing.

More Frau is always a good thing.


If I am going to be unavailable to post when indicated or for a week, I will update you.

I will post from now on at least twice a week, and more if I want to.  I’ll probably review Chihayafuru (2013) the day after the episode comes out and Chihayafuru (2011) and Mars on any day of the week, so that will vary. I will also keep up Bishounen of The Week (not literally every week despite the title but at least once a month) and Episodic Ratings.

Chihayafuru (2011) Chihayafuru (2013) Mars, (Manga)  So expect more Chihaya reviews tomorrow and over the weekend in general, and after that more Mars.

sakurasou pet kanojo episode 16 pic 37

Mashiro is the queen of misunderstandings.

Watching (Ongoing from Summer/Fall 2012:)

Pyscho Pass, Space Brothers, Shinsekai Yori, Zetsuen no Tempest, Magi, Aikatsu, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, Robotics;Notes, Little Busters, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Ixion Saga dt.

I’m not caught up to Ixion Saga dt yet, though I hope there will be more episodes as amusing as the golden god one. Robotics;Notes is rapidly improving so I am happy I gave it another chance. Especially because Frau lights up my life! She’s the best. I am also pleased with Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, the high-light is watching Mashiro be an alien, of course.

boku no imouto osaka special 1 pic 2

feeling: an essential component of any creative endeavor.

Watching (winter 2013:)

Chihayafuru 2,  Akb0048 Next Stage, Haganai Next, Tamako Market, Problem Children are Coming from Another World, Aren’t they?, Kotoura-san, Vividred Operation, Sasami-san@Unmotivated, Oreshura, Zettai Karen Children The Unlimited, gdgd Fairies 2, and Boku no Imouto wa Oosaka Okan.

Boku no Imouto wa Oosaka Okan  as of ep 5. This is the only short I’ve seen that has actually connected with me. I love the sister’s personality and I am completely fascinated in learning the differences between her and her brother based on where they come from. It also doesn’t appear to be an incest show so far, which is very nice. It can’t hurt that it is funny, too.

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